Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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Agawam Mill
1454 Main Street, suite 9B
West Warwick, RI

A lot  of new  offerings in October!

Women’s Homecoming Group

Join us ON ZOOM!
Monday, November 19, 7:30 pm; $25

     This group is born out of a knowing that women need to have a place to feel safe and at home.  Home used to be a place where we could rest, rejuvenate and remember who we are.  With technology, increased work hours, and overall business of the word, it is becoming harder to rest and rejuvenate. Women are getting further and further away from their center, it is a struggle to remember who they are.  They are longing for home. 
     I believe there is place in every woman, a place where she knows who she is. It is calm, quiet place of rest and rejuvenation, where she remembers her skills and gifts.  She knows what she needs. I think of this as a Homecoming. Coming home to the authentic self is a place of strength, wisdom, passion and clarity.  Once she rediscovers herself, she can rest in her knowing, trust it and be empowered to live her life purpose.
     This women’s group is designed to help women do just that.  This group is a place where women are supported to come home to themselves: access their skills and authenticity to be empowered to live their life. During this 2 hour group women will be guided through carefully planned activities to come home to herself. 

Agawam Mill
1454 Main Street, suite 9B

West Warwick, RI

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